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What is CreatrixTM?

The more the peoples’ ability to innovate is evident, the more successful companies are.

Ability to innovate is a result of creativity and risk-taking, and is a key value driver that secures the future of organisations. Creativity is defined as the ability to develop unconventional ideas. Risk is a willingness to push ideas forward despite the odds.

Once companies understand how distinct the factors creativity and risk-taking for each individual are, it will enable them to unveil innovativeness and further optimisation that advances market success.

Benefits and Assessment Areas

One of CREATRIX special features is that it offers a homogeneous understanding of results, be it as an individual, as a team or as a company. After the process of awareness on how individual personalities of a group or company respond, it is easier, to bring change within teams, individuals or organisations using the four-step methodology; objective, analysis, action and implementation. This happens when innovative performance is released.


CREATRIX is based on 54 questions and a sliding 9-scale system, allowing individuals and organizations to benchmark their current levels of creativity and risk-taking habits. The online self-assessment questionnaire can be used to ignite an innovation culture for individuals, teams or organisations.

By using the CREATRIX success formula innovation abilities become transparent:

Innovation = Creativity x Risk Taking

CREATRIX empowers individuals and companies to evaluate their current degree of creativity and risk-taking abilities by using the following seven drivers:


  • Ambiguity
  • Independent
  • Inner-Directed
  • Uniqueness

Risk willingness

  • Authentic
  • Resilient
  • Self-Accepting

Evaluating the degree of creativity and risk-taking attitude, the individual or group will receive profiles reflecting their particular orientation. There are eight different profiles:


CREATRIX was created by Dr. Richard E. Byrd in 1974 and updated in 1986 and again in 2000 by Dr. Jacqueline Byrd. The primary motivation for developing this tool was to measure the creative and risk taking sense of individuals in organisations.

Process of data coverage

CREATRIXTM  participants receive a system generated access code via e-mail. They then open the link using the code and answer the questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is completed, we either send the report via e-mail or print a version and send it by post to participants. Alternatively, we bring the reports to the accompanying training or workshop, handing them out after explaining the model to the participants.

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